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When the Holy One created the first person, the Holy One took that person
before all the trees in the Garden of Eden and said: 'See how lovely and
how excellent my works are. All that I have created, I have created for you.
Consider this carefully. Do not corrupt or desolate my world, for if you corrupt
or desolate it, there is no one to set it right after you."

Midrash Rabbah

Mission Statement:

The Green Environment Fund (GEF) is a unique and expanding partnership of funders, guided by Jewish and humanitarian values, joining resources to leverage and promote their vision for an environmentally-sustainable Israel.


GEF envisions an Israeli society that prioritizes the environment, social justice and quality of life; that utilizes its limited resources effectively and strategically; and that takes a comprehensive approach to managing regional ecosystems for this and future generations.


GEF’s mission is to promote environmental sustainability through equitable, responsible and comprehensive environmental policies and actions, which benefit all sectors of Israeli society. GEF pursues this mission through its advocacy, education and outreach to the environmental movement, civil society, and public and private sectors of Israel.

1. To influence civil society, government, and private sector to make the protection and preservation of the environment a strategic priority and to encourage strategic, transparent, socially-responsible long-term planning and implementation.

2. To advocate for the right to public health and quality of life for all current and future Israelis, which includes clean air and water, biodiversity and abundant open spaces.

3. To educate and empower civil society and to increase the knowledge, capacity and effectiveness of the environmental movement.