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Grants [By Area - Environmental Justice]
The Following Pojects and activities were made possible by grants from the green environment Fund:
Environmental Justice

Al Amal Association for the Advancement of Culture - Sha'ab
Environmental in Arabic For an Arab Community Responsibility
Building Environmental Awareness
Residents Participation Project in Abu Gosh
Friends of the Earth Middle East (FoEME)
Peace Park Research
Heschel Center for environmental learning and leadership
Maof Conference on Local Government 2012
From Consumerism to Sustainability
General Support 2012
General Suppurt 2011
Israel Society of Ecology and Environmental Sciences
Mimshak :Science and Policy Fellowships Program
Life and Environment
Strengthening the Public Impact of the Environmental Movement in Israel
Link to the Environment
Bringing Life Back to the Havis River,2007
Maala Business for Social Responsibility
Appropriate Innovation as a Growth Engine for Business in Israel
The Galilee Consortium
Negev Bar Kayma - Sustainable Development for the Negev
Environmental-Community Responsibility within the Bedouin Community,2008
Environmental Responsibility-Dialogue with the Chemical Industry in the Negev
Environmentally Responsibility at the Bedouim communities,2007
Public Trust
Implementing Sustainability Principles in the Business Sector
Shatil - NIF's Empowerment and Training Center for Social-Change Organizations
The Israeli Forum for Responsible Planning
Environmental Justice 2012
Environmental Justice Project,2009
Environmental Justice Project, 2008
Environmental Justice Project ,2010
Sikkuy: The Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality
From Barriers to Mobility
SPNI: The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
Green Hive: Urban Communities Program for Municipal Elections Year
The Association of Environmental Justice in Israel (AEJI)
Reducing Environmental Risks in Shared Space
Reducing Environmental Risks in Shared Space
the Israel Bicycle Association (Yisrael Bishvil Ofanayim)
Israel Bicycle Forum
The Israel Union for Environmental Defense (IUED) (Adam, Teva VDin)
Environment and Community
Planning the Future
Enforcing Environmental Laws
Transportation Today and Tommorow
Public Transportation Forum
Sustainable Transport at the Municipal Level 2013