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Proposal Guidlines [Guidelines]
GEF Instructions for Receiving an Application Form:

The Green Environment Fund (GEF) awards grants to non-governmental
non-profit bodies that address environmental matters on the national level and 
emphasize the following issues: open space, air, water, education, 
environmental justice, and the environmental movement. GEF prefers to 
support direct organizational action, rather than offer general organizational 
support for infrastructure. Likewise, GEF does not fund research studies, 
construction, publication of books, or acquisition of equipment.

Since its inception, GEF has been a major supporter of traditional environmental work, at the grassroots and regulatory level, fighting ecological degradation through education, mobilization, and policy-change. On the first level, GEF will continue supporting activities that mitigate environmental degradation by advancing civil society initiatives throughout Israel. This includes supporting environmental organizations that spearhead Israel's leading struggles against air and water pollution, unfair land and building reforms, limited access to public spaces and beaches, and more. Concurrently, on the second level, GEF will gradually devote most of its resources to create solutions to further environmental sustainability by advancing multi-sectored coalition-based "think and do" strategies. This ecological innovation refers to products and processes which advance sustainability and engage civil society, governmental and private-business sectors in joint, pro-active initiatives to meet pressing environmental needs.

No maximum grant amount has been set, though grants routinely range from 
$5,000 to several tens of thousands of dollars, depending upon the scope of 
the activity, size of the organization, length of the project, capacity of the 
organization, complementary funding, etc.

GEF has a one-year budget; therefore, it awards grants for one year only. In 
many cases, applications present an organization's long-term vision. 
Regardless, it is the responsibility of the organization applying for long-term 
support for a project to submit a renewed grant application each year. GEF 
is not committed to approving any renewal request; these decisions are based 
on quality of the application and reports, achievements during the previous 
year, and other factors. There are no automatic grant renewals.

Small and local organizations whose activities are of a limited scope and 
whose agenda focus on particular regions and local issues are welcome to 
submit their applications to the SHELI Fund, which targets small 

Any organization interested in submitting a project proposal is requested to 
contact us by telephone for initial clarification. In this way we will guide 
organizations toward submission of applications that are focused and 
correspond with GEF's priorities. If your idea is found suitable, you will 
receive an application form. Applications may be submitted in English, 
though a two-page summary must be submitted in Hebrew.

The Green Environment Fund has two grant cycles per year-in the spring 
and fall. Applications for the spring cycle must be received in early spring and 
responses are conveyed in June. Applications for the fall cycle must be 
received by early autumn and responses are conveyed in December. For 
exact submission dates please contact GEF.