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December 2013, Jerusalem


Dear Friends,


For over a decade and a half, The Green Environment Fund and its innovative micro-grant program, the SHELI Fund, have nurtured the environmental movement in Israel, motivated by social justice values, and inspired by a will to better Israel for all its citizens. Over the years, GEF has been among the most important funders of Israels environmental NGOs with grants totaling $15 million. With this support, environmental groups have contributed to changing Israeli society through legislation such as Israels Clear Air Act, through anchoring environmental education in public schools, through great efforts to transform the green agenda in many small and large municipalities throughout the country, and through the overall professionalization of environmental work.


We have witnessed a major shift in the way that the Israeli public, government, and industry view environmental issues. Policy makers now take into consideration these concerns, which are often at the top of the public agenda as well. There is a growing commitment in Israel to sustainability, wherein environmental principles determine decisions in the areas of transportation, energy and open spaces and more. The Green Environment Fund has contributed to these changes in Israeli societys relationship to its environment through its grants, partnerships, networking and strategic approach throughout the years.


With great pride in this work, cognizant of the achievements behind us and the challenges ahead, the GEF itself is now embracing change. Due to strategic changes of some of the foundation partners, the Green Environment Fund and the SHELI Fund will make final grants in 2014.  GEF's Board of Directors will determine its final allocation of funds, based upon long-term understandings, dialogue, and professional judgment. Representatives of the Samuel Sebba Charitable Trust and the New Israel Fund will continue to monitor grants during 2014.


We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the activists, organizations, and partners with which we have worked, and trust and hope that these efforts will continue for the sake of our generation and future ones. 




Jay Shofet, Executive Director, The Green Environment Fund

Guy Jamo, Coordinator, The SHELI Fund


The Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Samuel Sebba Charitable Trust

The New Israel Fund