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Proposal Guidlines [Sample Form]
Grant Application Form

Grant Application Instructions

Please fill in this form and provide the material we request. This is a convenient
way to organize your information and will help us review it. We are grateful for your

Part One
Filling the cover sheet and write a summary of up to two pages on the organization and
the work for which funds are requested. (The two page summary should be in English).

Part Two
We also request that you write a paper explaining and justifying what you propose to do.
There is no set format for this paper, but please keep it under 8 pages. You can write it
in English or Hebrew. To make this paper comprehensible and comprehensive, please
outline the following:

Purpose of the project

Main goals

Means to reach goals

Expected results


Evaluation criteria for the project

Please send us 2 copies of parts one and two.

Part Three

From your files we will need:

Financial information including:

the most recent audited financial statement of your organization;

the itemized budget of your organization;

the budget of the particular project you want supported;

A list of other sources of funding, both pending and received, for the organization.

A list of other sources of funding, both pending and received, for that project

A copy of your tax-exempt letter from the IRS.

Designation as a non profit body by the VAT Authority

Names and affiliations of board members.

A short background for key staff members.